Venezia Giulia Master Blends
Venezia Giulia Master Blends

Rok is our new winemaker blend selection,

 to exalt our terroir potentialities,

 instead of single varietals. 

Thanks to rocky land and dry climate,

Rok shows unique elegance and complexity.

Extraordinary wines: Rok bianco

Rok Bianco

Denomination: Venezia Giulia IGT
Alcohol: 13% by vol.
Serving temperature: 14°C
Colour: Straw-yellow hue with light greenish highlights.
Bouquet: Intense bouquet, clean scents of tomato leaf, light sage that with time fade to sweeter sensations of white peach
Taste: The slightly citrusy aromatic and fresh, minerally sensations come together on the palate.
Serving suggestions: Cooked and raw fish starters, goat's milk cheeses


Extraordinary wines: Rok Rosso

Rok Rosso


Venezia Giulia IGT


13,5% by vol.

Serving temperature:



Saturated ruby red hue with deep red highlig


Delicate, persistent bouquet, with herbaceous and fruity hints of morello and small red fruits


Spicy, very elegant on the finish, excellent entry due to its gentle and fresh palate-nose

Serving suggestions: 

Game, roasted red meats and hard mature cheeses

Ekuò Murialdo World Charity Project

Ekuò is a charity organization that presents a family of organic Italian wine blends.

Ekuò Rosso Bio is composed by Merlot and Nero d'Avola grapes.