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Gran Tuscan Blend

Since 1908 our family is delivering great italian wines, by innovating the local tradition.

Today we have selected a Toscana IGT red with great respect, produced with the traditional wine-making practice of the slow fermentation of the fresh drawn-off wine together with the grapes slightly dried to give a softer and more modern taste.

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Extraordinary wines: Gran Passaia Governo Toscano


Denomination: Toscana IGT
Alcohol: 13,5% by vol.
Serving temperature: 16°C
Colour: Dark red with violet nuances
Bouquet: Red ripe fruit and hints of vanilla
Taste: Wide, warm and full, slightly spicy, with rich and soft tannins
Serving suggestions: Flavourful first meals or red meat

Passaia Tuscan Red

Passaia Tuscan red is a wine produced with winemaking practice of slow fermentation.

It's composed by Sangiovese and Merlot